About Dutch Dozer

The Best Offer Imaginable.

Dutch Dozer is a newly established company that approaches the buying and selling of earthmoving and road construction machinery with fresh energy and focus. A new and young company, but enriched with a wealth of experience thanks to the expertise of Martijn van de Weijer, the founder and owner of Dutch Dozer. This allows Dutch Dozer to benefit from years of experience in the trade of earthmoving and road construction machinery worldwide. With a distinctive knowledge of many machines, a keen insight into the market, familiarity and experience with customs formalities, and the right experience in global transportation. This distinctive combined knowledge and experience guarantees a sharp and relevant offering of high-quality machines. From advice to purchase, and from registration to delivery.

A Reliable Partner. 

Dutch Dozer is not just any trading company. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients. That can only happen if we continue to deliver on our promise of quality and value. By catering to the unique wishes and needs of each client within the field of earthmoving and road construction machinery. With Dutch Dozer, you have the best possible partner with personal involvement. Therefore, we dare to say that with Dutch Dozer, you get a reliable partner for all your earthmoving and road construction machinery needs.

Global Transport. 

One of the key advantages of Dutch Dozer is its extensive experience in international transport to more than 100 countries around the world. Thanks to a network of the very best transport partners in the field of freight and sea transport – via RoRo, container, or flatrack – an optimal transport solution is offered for each machine. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Moreover, Dutch Dozer takes complete care thanks to expert services in customs formalities, insurance, and planning.